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Design Management and Coordination

Design management and design coordination are the key to successful delivery of design. They can be the difference between a finished interior looking good but disjointed and a finished interior achieving a seamless perfection.

Our service seamlessly integrates designs prepared by different members of a project team. We create a unified set of design related information that is cleanly woven together: eliminating issues between architectural, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, AV and lighting elements. This eradicates onsite problems and reduces costs,
delays, and disruptions.

Our detail design packages take forward an approved concept design developed by others, such as in-house designers or a large architectural practice. We usually work from RIBA stage 3 onwards to generate packages of detailed working drawings which we then coordinate in order to achieve the highest possible quality finished interior.

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Interior Architecture and Design

Transforming space is our passion and creating bespoke, ergonomic, beautiful environments is what we strive for every day. From the initial concept stages of a project to the final construction and delivery, we work closely with our clients and the wider project team to ensure the highest standards are delivered and expectations are met.

Our in house design team is a balance of architects, interior designers and technicians all of whom are specialists in the transformation of existing buildings. Our expertise is not limited to interiors, we also carry out many external changes including designing new facades, entrances, canopies, shop frontages and fenestration. Our work often includes planning applications, listed building consent applications, building regulations applications and change of use applications.

Interior architecture is about more than just the surface aspects of interior design, it is about understanding the way that people use a building and its surroundings. Key questions are asked, for example how do people enter and flow through a space? What spaces do or will people occupy in a building and to what density? How can we ensure spaces are performing for people’s needs? Our designs are for enhancing people’s lives and this can only happen if the starting point is people themselves.

Our key interior architecture and design services are concept design, workplace design, space planning and space plan management, detail design and retail design. These services are defined in further detail below.

  • Concept

    Historic Architectural Interior Design steinway grand piano

    This process starts by having an extensive conversation with our clients about their brief including timescale and budget. Understanding the vision our client has for their finished interior, and the challenges they want to overcome, is an intrinsic part of generating the concept design.

    Initially we approach the concept by agreeing the key principles of the design through mood images, materials, sketches and plan layouts. We then progress to generating full 3D models and visuals that can be in a sketch form or fully rendered, so the client can visualise the proposed spatial design.

  • Workplace Design

    interior architecture design for commercial spaces

    Many workplaces are not functioning effectively for staff or for businesses as a whole. If you are a business looking to relocate to a new premises or an existing business that needs a re-design of your existing spaces then we can assist.

    Initially a feasibility study into the possibilities of your space can be helpful in enabling you to explore options. The density of open plan desking areas, the number and type of break out spaces, alternative working spaces, quiet rooms, private offices and meeting rooms should be considered.

    Conveying your company values, brand and ethos through the look and feel of your workplace environment is an important part of ensuring that your clients get the right impression of you and that your staff are loyal, motivated and invested in your business.

  • Space Planning and Space Plan Management

    birch freedman design interior design brewin dolphin

    Many of our clients are commercial building managers who are faced with the day-to-day challenge of the ever-changing shape of their businesses.

    We have helped companies such as Grosvenor, British Arab Commercial Bank and Penguin Random House to space plan their offices, from the micro scale of a department re-plan, to the macro scale of a six storey office re-stack.

    These processes help our clients maximise the efficiency of their working environment and ensure the building is meeting the density demands of their business as well as the wellbeing needs of their staff.

    We can also provide detailed survey drawings in CAD to record the existing layout of office floor plans and manage these drawing as regular moves occur.

  • Detail Design

    Following agreement of the concept design, we strive for the highest quality in our detail design drawing packages. With decades of design experience within our practice we know the optimal ways to detail a project for outstanding ergonomic and aesthetic results.

    A great concept design can be ruined by poor quality detailing and a lack of technical experience and knowledge, which is why we love and celebrate this stage of any project.

    Our drawing packages usually cover: general arrangement plans, furniture plans, floor and wall finishes plans, reflected ceiling plans, lighting layouts, joinery details, graphic design, signage design, detail junctions between materials, walls and partitioning including acoustic performance, product and materials specifications and scheduling, furniture selection and finishes, artwork selection and scheduling.

  • Retail Design

    Our studio leaders are highly experienced in retail design and have worked as in-house designers for leading high street fashion chains. As a result we have a strong understanding of the driving forces behind retail design.

    We offer either retail concept design, or roll-out design services when a concept needs to be interpreted into different retail sites. We also carry out planning consents for shopfront alterations, signage consents for branding, and building regulations applications for interior alterations.